on the surface of things

On the Surface of Things

Images of the Extraordinary in Science

Published by: Harvard University Press, 2009. Coauthored with G. M. Whitesides.

The New Yorker: “Stunning.”

Wired: “…one of the year’s more intriguing concepts for an art book (or is it a science book?) It’s a rare yin and yang concoction that satisfies both sides of the brain.”

Scientific American: “The words [in On the Surface of Things] are no less remarkable [than the photos], balancing weighty concepts from the laboratory with a literate tone as light and elegant as a spider’s web. A wonderful achievement indeed.”

Newsweek: “What’s remarkable, especially since they haven’t watered down the science, is how accessible the book is…We tend to think of surfaces as superficial, but for scientists surfaces are where things happen. Frankel shows us how beautiful those surfaces can be; Whitesides, how revelatory.”

The New York Times: “When Felice Frankel…looks at scientific data, she sees the art within, the striking images that can be brought out with the right focus on the right details in the right light. And some scientists are starting to see things her way.”

New Scientist: “The book will excite scientific minds and leave artistic ones in awe.”

Science: “In this wondrous book, the artist Felice Frankel and the chemist George Whitesides meld photography and science to create poetry, of both the visual and literary sort. A series of spectacular photographs…are paired with descriptions that capture both the science and the beauty of the images.”

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